What is ALDEA?

ALDEA is an acronym that stands for "América Latina DEscentralizada y Autónoma" (Spanish for: Latin America Decentralized and Autonomous). At the same time, "aldea" is Spanish for "village", further expressing a sense of community. ALDEA will be the Latin American DAO that enables collaboration for a common goal of solving the big problems of the region.

What is a DAO?

According to Wikipedia, "a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes labeled a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.". Project Catalyst is currently the biggest DAO. ALDEA will be the Latin American DAO!

What kind of problems will ALDEA solve and how?

ALDEA will be a place where Latin American communities can join and collaborate. Same as with Project Catalyst today, ALDEA will allow for people from the communities to share problems and ideas on how to solve them. The decentralized nature of the platform will create an environment where the community itself will self-organize, not only so that most interesting and feasible ideas prevail, but also the most prominent problems are prioritized.

ALDEA will manage a Treasury based on IOHK's paper: "A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies: Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence", through its own Governance Tokens in the same way they currently do with ADA.

What will ALDEA do with the Treasury?

Whether it’s to further promote Cardano adoption in the region, help develop Local Community Centers, fund dApps development or solve economic and social issues through local non-profit organizations, the different ways in which the Treasure will be used are to be discussed and agreed by the community itself in the ALDEA forums and through its Governance Tokens.

What's the relationship between ALDEA and Project Catalyst?

By having its own Treasury and allowing members to collaborate and discuss ideas in their native language, ALDEA will help both to fund projects directly, as well as providing a platform to create stronger proposals to be later submitted in Project Catalyst, already curated and backed by the community.

What's the timeline of the project? When can I start using ALDEA?

In a project with goals like ALDEA's, the research phase is key. That's ALDEA's Phase 1. During this phase, many of the current unknowns will materialize. This will be the baseline that will be used for team planning and, in time, will define the overall project timeline.

Even though the final functional DAO is still in the works, you can join us right now on our Discord channels, where the community as a whole can collaborate with ideas.

How should we pronounce "ALDEA"?

AL (as in "Pacino"), DA[y] (as in "day"), AH (as when you get a well-deserved beer after a long day working on a proposal).

This is really a great project, with a huge potential to start making things happen in Latin America!

We think so too! But… what's the question?