ALDEA is a DAO or Descentralized Autonomous Organization.

Our Mission is to enable change in Latin America and in Spain by creating an ecosystem that will allow people to come together to communicate, self-govern, produce and trade as a Decentralized and Autonomous Community, with no third parties and with no central entities that may exercise any type of censorship in these interactions.


ALDEA Catalyst

Project Catalyst is an experiment from IOHK & Cardano in community innovation, providing a framework to turn ideas into impactful real world projects.

ALDEA Catalyst is the Spanish support site for everything related to Project Catalyst. A place where all spanish speakers can maximize their participation and develop valuable skills for the whole Cardano ecosystem.

Fund5 Proposal MVP



ALDEA Wiki is the go-to place to both find and share knowledge and information about all things Cardano, Blockchain and Crypto.

A collaborative platform where to concentrate all information produced by writers and content creators from our community. A place to both teach and learn.

The Cardano Library.

Fund5 Proposal MVP


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Project Catalyst

ALDEA Roadmap

January 2021
Core Team Creation

The Team is established and the first work sessions start.

March 2021
ALDEA DAO Introduction

ALDEA is presented as a proposal for Fund4 of Project Catalyst in the "Local Community Centers" challenge, managed by the Cardano Foundation.

April 2021
Discord Creation

ALDEA's Discord Server is created and established as the main communication tool to share ideas and collaboration in the community.

ALDEA Catalyst Introduction

As a proposal for Fund5 of Project Catalyst in the "Catalyst Value Onboarding" challenge.

ALDEA Wiki Introduction

As a proposal for Fund5 of Project Catalyst in the "Proposer Outreach" challenge.

May 2021
Webpage Launch

ALDEA's webpage is launched with an enhanced user experience and presenting both Catalyst and Wiki brands.

June 2021
ALDEA Catalyst MVP

Initial version of ALDEA Catalyst is launched.


Initial version of ALDEA Wiki is launched.

September 2021

Se realiza la primera iteración de ALDEA DAO.

October 2021
ALDEA Whitepaper Initial Version

First version of ALDEA's Whitepaper will be published for the community's review and feedback.

...and this is just the beginning!